What We do:

Harley04 At Mountain Creek Architecture we have the qualifications, professional training, vision and experience to manage the entire architectural design and construction process. We will help you set a viable and realistic budget, guide you through the town planning process, obtain competitive quotes for the work, manage consultants like surveyors and engineers, monitor the budget and administer the construction contract. We will inspect the work right through the construction period to ensure you get the quality and level of finishes you require. Definition of an architect: A minimum of five years of university training separates architects from other, less qualified building designers. More than a designer, an architect works with clients on an intensive exploration of their requirements, managing the entire design & build process. After the university qualification, two years of recorded work experience are required, followed by a registration exam to qualify as an architect.

1. Schematic Design

Tawonga 01 We sit down with you, the client, listen to what you want, produce a written brief, and develop a concept design. We discuss this with you, getting your feedback to inform the design. At this stage the scope of work is clarified, and probable costs are discussed. We then finalise the schematic design. A builder or quantity surveyor may be consulted at this stage, to discuss ball-park figures and efficient building methods.

2. Design Development

Myrrhee2In this stage we go through detailed design issues with you, including detailed layouts, power and lighting, services, materials, finishes. Liaising with consultants, eg structural engineer, to incorporate structural and services requirements, further refinement of cost estimates. If soil testing is required, this is arranged during the design stage. If Town Planning is required, it is applied for at this stage. We present a detailed design to you, including plans, elevations, sections, perspective, colours, finishes and fittings suggestions.

3. Contract Documentation

MtBHouse2 The main body of work is the documentation. This includes all detailed design work necessary to apply for Building permit, for builders to accurately price from, including dimensioning, scheduling doors, windows, fittings, building details, internal elevations. We co-ordinate with other consultants to produce documents that match the architectural documents, written specification for all elements of the building, including pre-tender information. A final set of drawings and specification is presented at the completion of this stage. We handle the tendering of the project to builders and apply for the Building Permit.

3. Contract Administration

Tivoli1 During the building process, Mountain Creek Architecure administers the contract. This includes holding regular site meetings with the builder and client, ensuring the project is being built to the tendered documents. Any design issues or unforeseen problems are dealt with as they arise. We correspond regularly with you, reporting on the progress, and agree any changes that are required. We assess the Builder’s progress claims, checking that the work claimed has been satisfactorily completed. We issue instructions to the builder as needed, for any changes in the work, and variations are followed through, with the builder and proprietor. We issue the Practical Completion certificate when the building is complete, and a period of Defects Liability occurs, after construction completion, to ensure any problems arising are rectified.